taking a closer look: “Adore”

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ADORE.  a verb (with object.)

Origin: Late Middle English; via Old French from Latin “adorare” which means “to worship”, from “ad” – ‘to’ + “orare” – ‘speak, pray’. (via Oxford Living Dictionaries)

  1.  Love and respect (someone) deeply.
  2.  Worship, venerate.

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas carol/hymn “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” is the chorus, where we are reminded and encouraged to adore Him.

But what does that actually mean, to adore someone?

When we take a closer look at the word “ADORE” it becomes apparent that it isn’t just our human love towards one another kind of adoration we are talking about here.

To loosely reference the Grinch, it is “so much more!”

When we examine the word “venerate” (verb), we find it means “regard with great respect; revere, regard highly, reverenceworshiphallowhold sacred, esteem highly.”

The One we worship deserves the highest of regard, esteem, respect, reverence because God is worthy of being held sacred, worshiped and adored!

So when we sing, “Oh come let us adore Him” this year, imagine yourself bowing before Him on the inside, and put all the love you have for Him into singing that line!

May God pour out even more love and favor upon you as you pour out your adoration to Him afresh again today!

Word: “By common confession, the secret of our godly worship is great: In flesh was He revealed to sight, vindicated by the Spirit’s might, adored by angels singing. To nations was He manifest, believing souls found peace and rest, our Lord in heaven reigning!” 1 Timothy 3:16 ISV

Worship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEUrVz-ZUD4

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