worship to remind you of the victory waiting on your STEEP climb

mountain hihp 2019
by Bryan & Katie Torvalt
I’ve seen Your grace from the mountain
I’ve felt You there in the valley below
I see Your love and Your mercy
You’re guiding me home
I know You’re in every season
I feel Your hand bringing peace and control
Jesus, Your love is my anchor
You’re my only hope, You’re my only hope
I will trust in You
I will not be moved
High on the mountain I will be lifting my voice
And in the valley I will be dancing for joy
In every season, You are worthy
In every moment, You’re wonderful, You’re wonderful
You are my light and salvation
My God is with me there’s nothing to fear
Jesus, our hope, our redemption
Your presence is here, Your presence is here
We won’t be silent
Our hearts on fire
Jesus our victory
This sound of triumph
This song inside us
Jesus our victory
You’re our victory
#steep #staydeep #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

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