write it out

God, I honestly don’t know how I have made it through the last few days.

  • Starting early
  • Ending late
  • Cars trying to hit me when crossing at the crosswalk
  • learning a new program on the go
  • three classes over four days

Your Word has been there to comfort, guide and instruct me. Your Presence has moved me and calmed me, thrilled me as I spent time in worship. Praying about what matters to me in the moment, I sense You hear me, and are moving to respond.

What has really helped me the most this week to stay focused? Putting my word “nerdness” to use.

write jan 17thWhat I have been realizing most about how I cope?

I need to use my words.

  • If I can, I pray about it out loud.
  • If not, I write it out.
  • If I am unsure how I am feeling, I tend to put on some worship music and ask God to reveal what is going on as I sing along.
  • If I am unsure how to handle something, after I pray about it, I call, text or email close family or friends to ask for their support.

Friend, may I suggest you do the same?

Stop keeping it bottled up.

Reach up to Him.

Reach out for help.

And know that the One who reaches out to each one of His loved ones will never stop opening His arms to you, nor speaking His words of love & care to you.








2 thoughts on “write it out”

  1. We have someone in our cell group who rather put me down, recently , about journaling feelings. He didn’t see any value in it- just put them aside and move on. In other words, stuff them down- a very unhealthy way to live.

    Love u,


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    1. So sorry someone hurt your feelings. I pray that you are able to forgive them, pray for God to break through in their life, and keep your eyes fixed on Him & the freedom you find in journaling. Xo


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