when you are not sure it’s gonna work out

“Did I hear that right, God? You want me to do what?!?!”

There are more times than I like to admit that I ask God something like the above question when I am trying to make sense of what I think He is asking me to do.

They are mostly things that are not necessarily clearly outlined in the Word.

Like at the end of November, when the sense I had previously in August to cut back on my self employed business grew even stronger.  At that time, I had been obedient in stepping out of three of my contracts, which freed up more space in my week.

The sense didn’t go away when it came back in November, so I asked God to help me filter the remaining contracts, and show me where to cut back again.  He did, so I did.  Three more contracts were not renewed, and even more space became freed up in my days.

I was not sure how the loss of income was going to get made up, as the one opening I felt I could do, I clearly sensed was going to go to another person. In fact, I heard their name, and they did indeed get the position. That was a wee bit wild to have discerned, but cool at the same time!

I had to trust that as He called me to step out, He would cover my needs.

Instead, He brought me to

  • assist a friend at church going through a very difficult season
  • come alongside a struggling new small business owing gal
  • support a gal going through chemo with a few admin tasks
  • to serve more in the freedom and worship ministries at my church
  • focus more on my writing

All of which are not paid at all, or either well below my regular hourly rate.

But I was reminded that when we are about His Kingdom work, He will take care of our needs, especially by this verse pictured below.

matthew 10_10 hihp jan 24

The reason why became apparent after my Christmas vacation as to why He had asked me to clear more of my schedule. A co-worker urgently needed time off for personal reasons, and I now had the time to step in and help cover her job duties with the new day time wiggle, which could have only been made possible by God working in my heart to follow His lead.

I’ll be honest. I was not thrilled with the extra work load in an area which required a steep immediate learning curve.

But God has been showing me that He is more than enough in His abilities to provide for all I need to get the variety of work I have to get done right now.

And He has chosen me to help Him do this particular work at this time.

I am excessively humbled and grateful by how He is providing for me financially, supportively, lovingly and supernaturally.

Has it been easy? Ummmm, no.  There are a few bumps along the way which are still needing to be smoothed out or removed. But that’s a part of work, and life; isn’t it?  Yet when He carries the load with me, work becomes not only more meaningful, but purposeful. And somehow it becomes more in His hands than I could have imagined.

Worship: “Awesome is He” by Worship Central


#workHisway #hopefortheharddays

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