making space for God to do His part in the spiritual battles we face

One of the lessons I have been learning of late involves space.

Not out there outer space kind of space, but my space within. You know, where we really hang out when we are alone with ourselves.

And I don’t know about you, but my inner space is always in need of simplification and stream lining.

Learning that I am not in control, but I can depend on the One who is was a huge gear shift for me to make the inner adjustments to accept, but it has been transforming me ever since. For the better.

When I choose to deliberately ask God to come into a situation, I release Him to move into position to go to battle for me. But I find that although He is more than enough to deal with anything I am facing, I am not always in the inner space to accept He is on the move.

I have learned that I need to make myself as healthy spiritually as possible so I can focus on what God is doing, as I boost my faith. For me, that means I need to claim & proclaim His Word.

What does this look like?

  1. Read His Word.
  2. Declare His promises out loud.
  3. Claim them as truth as I ask Him to bring them to pass in my life.

In Isaiah 40:29, God promises to give strength to the tired, and power to the weak, the powerless. On days where I feel exhausted and weak? I proclaim this promise back to God with my voice, and claim it as truth while inviting Him to make it come alive in me on those days when I need strength or power to help make it through.

God has never failed to meet me when I welcome Him beyond a situation into my inner space.

If you are in need of God to move mightily on your behalf?

  • Take some time to connect with Him.
  • Make some space, both physically and internally for Him.
  • Dig into the Word, and actively seek His promises.
  • Speak them out and claim them over yourself.
  • Boost your faith as you watch for how God will battle and move in your situation.

There is one other tool we have that we can put into practice, which I will share with you all tomorrow.

#claim #proclaim #battlecry #hopefortheharddays

claim and proclaim Feb 6th

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