When you need His unfailing constant Love

Yesterday afternoon, a wave of exhaustion suddenly hit me while at work. I had been chilled all day (cold air vent is over my desk) and just couldn’t seem to get warm. I had a strange lump when I swallowed pretty low down in my throat. Instead of panicking, I asked Him to tell me what was going on as I left work.

I felt prompted to take my allergy medication, which cleared most the lump within 10 minutes, but then felt even sleepier, which is not great when driving in icy snow weather conditions in a small car. I turned up the music, and made it home without incident in the almost 75 minute car ride.

My daughter took one look at me and pulled out our emergency homeopathy kit to treat my fever and congestion. I fell asleep for 2 hours, to wake up with a huge headache and chest pressure.

Time for the big guns, i felt. So off to get antibiotics.

I honestly felt like a Mac truck hit me all over last night before heading to bed. This morning, my fever is not quite fully gone, but is down considerably.

Not once during all of this did I not feel His love with me, His voice guiding me, His embrace about me. Friend, this Love is available for YOU, too.


“How precious is your unfailing love, O God!” – Psalm 36:7


“Forever Reign” by Hillsong Worship

“I’m running to Your arms, I’m running to Your arms. The riches of Your love will always be enough.”


Thank You God that You are always with us, loving us in every situation. I thank You for getting me through yesterday, and ask for Your full healing to be released in my body today.

#Hislove #hopefortheharddays

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