Praising before my breakthrough

This week has been a really hard one for me.

Being so sick, it could have been easy to focus on just breathing, let alone relief and the hope that things will swiftly turn the corner. Regular fevers left me dehydrated and shaking, as exhaustion and nausea tried to fill the rest of my days.

But even though I couldn’t read, could barely speak, and at times didn’t have a coherent thought, I put my hope in God to get me through.

My faith & trust in His care love for me helped me patiently make it through. (Romans 8:25)

My pause became my praise as I waited for Him to move.

There is a new song which captures how I was feeling perfectly this week. Despite the fact I have been unable to sing from all this congestion.

I sang it anyway, spirit to Spirit.

Friend, if you too are having a hard time of it of late, please press in all the harder to Him. He won’t let you down. He promises to meet your needs, rescue and restore you, and be present with you each step of the journey.

And friend? Find a support system to help keep you focused on what is to come as you struggle through what you are facing now. Prayer and love can help keep your head above water when the storm unexpectedly surges.


“Praise Before My Breakthrough” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt

“…When I’m holding up my hands, when I’m counting every breath. Lord, all I need to know is You choose me,
You choose me.

I’ll praise before my breakthrough ’til my song becomes my triumph. I will sing because I trust You. I will bring my heart, I will lift my song…”


Help me to praise You before I see how You are going to intervene to rescue me, God. Increase my faith and deepen my trust as I turn to You. Even when all I can see in the natural doesn’t have an end in sight. I look to You as my healer, provider, savior, King and my peace as I wait. May You always find me patiently waiting for You, God, every day as long as I have breath.

#Sonday #singanewpsalm #hopefortheharddays

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