looking within: am i feathers or steel?

If you cut me open what would you find, feathers or steel?

Deep within,

I fear I am only made up of fluff.

Of feathers

which cannot stand up

to the gust of winds

which swirl around me.

You whisper

the truth that

You are with me,

and my heart leaps for joy

at the reality

that You are my strength.

That the steel

I can grasp & cling

onto for dear life

is in fact You.

You are the steel

which runs down my spine

and helps me to stand

when the harsh winds blow

You are the steel

which guards my heart

from the arrows

my enemies throw

You are the steel

which protects my mind

from the cannons

of negative thought

aiming to take me down

from the inside out

You are the steel

which surrounds me

yet is wrapped

in the feather coating of


It is okay to be soft

and to love like You do

but I need Your help

to temper the softness

You desire of me

with the fortitude

and strength that only

You can give me

Feathers or steel

is the wrong question.

Feathers remind me to keep my love on

no matter what

just as You do

and steel reminds me

there is a beauty and strength

found only in

placing my trust, hope and life

in Your hands,

Lover of my soul,

Strong enough to strengthen

and save me.

#feathersorsteel #hopefortheharddays

feathers or steel

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