running in to the Throne Room

“Dream after dream, You are speaking to me, breathing Word after word of kingdom come. Here at Your feet, I can see the unseen, truly one look at You and I’m undone… I run to the throne room, I run to the throne room. And I fall on my face with angels & saints and all I can say is Holy, holy, holy are You, God! My heart can’t contain the weight of Your name and all I can say is Holy, holy, holy are You!”

Kim Walker Smith has perfectly captured the balance between our welcome, and the awe & wonder of being in the Throne room with the One we love and follow.

This song also reminded me of a few of my favorite people in the Bible.

Esther, Ruth, and Hannah.

These three are intertwined in my heart as they approached the major decisions in their lives AFTER coming to the Throne room.

  • Esther fasted and prayed before the God of the Throne room before approaching the king in his throne room.
  • Ruth chose to leave all she knew behind when she decided to follow the God she saw her mother-in-law clinging to, motivated a love which was obvious to all who encountered her.
  • In her desperate unhappiness, Hannah, caught between the husband she loved and his other wife who had what she wanted most, brought it all in prayer to Him, in the temple.

God honored each of them for their honesty and dependence upon Him. They went to the Throne room, and humbly knelt at His feet. They kept their eyes on His. They asked for His ways to become their ways.

I don’t doubt for a second that each one of these women weren’t strong, but their secret? Being strengthened through Him.

Each of them went on to impact the Kingdom – one saved her people, one married into the lineage of Jesus, one gave birth to the prophet Samuel.

God answered the prayers of their heart as they poured them out, spoken & unspoken, in His Presence:

  • The first for salvation for other, even at her own expense
  • The second’s desire to be a part of a loving family
  • The third for a child who would serve God in the temple

Run for the Throne room when time are hard. Worship is your way in. You are always welcome there! He will meet you in your need, each and every time.

come with confidence to the Throne

#iruntoYou #Throneroom #hopefortheharddays

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