when you need a boost of Hope

There are days when I need a strong boost of Hope.

Those days when relief seems far away, pain is screaming for my full attention, or when the weight of loss feels overwhelmingly heavy. When the paycheque doesn’t look like it’ll cover all the bills, a harsh words cuts deep, or that promotion seems completely impossible.

The struggles we face most days.

Why do I choose to look to God for my hope?

“When believers speak of hope, it’s not about a nebulous wish. Rather, we look to a hope that literally became flesh. Hope is the One who walked among us and the One who will return to restore all things back into Himself. Jesus IS our Hope.” – Eugene Cho

My Hope is found in Jesus. My living, breathing Hope, who promises we are never alone, and gives Hope to those who need it. He is the anthem, the song about which Heaven cannot stop sharing!

I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite Hope boosters this week, starting with part of “Hope’s Anthem” by Bethel Music. https://g.co/kgs/HNvwe4

“He’s bringing hope to the hopeless, giving His heart to the broken, sharing His home with the orphan – He is my joy.
He is the Hope of the nations, the father’s heart we’re embracing. He is the song we’re declaring, He is my joy.”

Let Hope arise and show Himself strong as we look to Him, friend.

#Monday #singanewpsalm #hopefortheharddays

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