When the day goes on and on and on

There are days that seem to go on and on and on, where minutes seem like hours and days seem like weeks.

I find those kind of days, which for me usually hit in the dark and cold of winter, more than a little depressing and exceptionally exhausting.

That’s why I choose to have my emotions, but not let them have me.

On those blechy days, I acknowledge how I am feeling, then turn to God to ask for His help to face my day.

Because over and over again, He has proven Himself to be more than enough for each and every situation I have, am or maybe about to face.

So I can have hope even in the low points, because He is with me, within me, going ahead of me, and for me. His Word has stood the test of time, and has never failed to deliver Hope when I seek Him.

So on those longest of days?

My hope is in You all day long! (Psalm 25:5)


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