Welcome March!

HIHP monthly calendar MARCH 2019 (2)

I am so looking forward to warmer weather, after a chilly, icy and sick bug fighting winter.

I have been praying for a fresh new focus, as things have been changing both at the speed of light in some areas, and like the turtle well behind the hare in others.

Maybe you too can relate.

So instead of rushing my way through this brand new day, I am planning on spending a chunk of time with the One who knows me best, family over meals and laughs, and friends over a good cuppa.

One of the ways I set myself up for down time is to plan ahead in a few areas.

Making sure my day timer is well organized so I don’t forget anything important, and my grocery list & meal plan is ready helps me stay on track, and releases me from the weight of too much on my mind.

Stop by my freebie page, and download one of my free planning pages and my March wallpaper for your computer here. https://hopeinhispresence.com/freebies/

Off to unplug now and connect with those who matter most to me.


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