its time to raise a hallelujah

Every so often, I hear a song for the first time that causes the hair on the back of my neck to rise, electricity to run through my body and the desire to proclaim this song at the top of my voice.

So many people I know have had sudden unexpected hard times over the past several months, and those who have come through the best? They have pressed in to His Presence despite their circumstances, lifting His name and praise high regardless of their feelings.

Today, wherever you find yourself, consider taking a few minutes to read through these words, and listen to this song. It was born out of one songwriter’s belief that raising a hallelujah would invite God to move mightily in a desperate health situation, as they welcomed Him right into the storm. Despite what they could or could not see, knowing the enemy was nearby, they lifted His praise high. The same God who heard their cries and praise hears yours and mine, and will rekindle your faith and hope as you turn to Him.

“Raise a Hallelujah” – Bethel Music

Watch this song here.

“I raise a hallelujah, in the presence of my enemies
I raise a hallelujah, louder than the unbelief
I raise a hallelujah, my weapon is a melody
I raise a hallelujah, heaven comes to fight for me
I’m gonna sing, in the middle of the storm
Louder and louder, you’re gonna hear my praises roar
Up from the ashes, hope will arise
Death is defeated, the King is alive!
I raise a hallelujah, with everything inside of me
I raise a hallelujah, I will watch the darkness flee
I raise a hallelujah, in the middle of the mystery
I raise a hallelujah, fear you lost your hold on me!”

#raiseahallelujah #battlecry #hopefortheharddays

raise a hallelujah

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