pressing in with praise

On the days when I am not feeling particularly hopeful, I find it very uplifting for my spirit to connect with God through worship. In particular, songs which proclaim His goodness & power, and His promise for good things to yet to come for me.

One of the newest songs to be on my lips is “Praise Before My Breakthrough” by Bryan & Katie Torwalt. And let me just say, on the worst of days, I either keep worship music such as this song on constantly, whether via cd or my phone, or keep singing the song lyrics under my breath at work throughout the day.

Looking for a breakthrough in your life? Keep praising Him, friend, and pressing in to His Presence.

Praise invites Him to open up the heavens to free us, heal us, restore us and bless us!

“I’ll praise before my breakthrough ‘Til my song becomes my triumph I will sing because I trust You I will bring my heart, I will lift my song He who came in power, He will come again He who heals the sick, won’t He move again He who raised the dead, won’t He raise again And I will sing, I will sing!”

#hopefortheharddays #praiseHymn

praise before my breakthrough

2 thoughts on “pressing in with praise”

  1. I LOVE this song- and I love this site. Thank you for pouring out your heart and letting your life encourage us in the same boat ❤️


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