Seek Him in prayer

As I have shared over the past month, I have been battling for my health on three fronts lately. One hindering my breathing, one impacting me deep within, and one affecting my right hand (and yes, that is the hand I predominantly write with.)

The bad sinus congestion left me with a cold air induced asthma, which is almost gone due to the arrival of spring.

The internal one has been successfully corrected due to a required replacement.

But I have been struggling the most this past week with the burn on my hand, which has not healed as well as expected despite following usual protocols.

I have been bringing all of these to God in prayer, often multiple times a day, and can honestly say He has guided me towards health as I followed His lead. Not as swiftly as I would like, but healing me nevertheless.

My hand has been the most painful, as I cannot do most things without it. And I never realized how much I took that ability for granted until this burn hit. I have been pressing in all the more as I seek His help to battle this discomfort, pain and frustration.

Today, I felt prompted to go get my hand checked out (2 weeks post burn). And last night, it apparently turned towards infection for which I am now taking medication.

I am thankful that God pours out not only His help and healing, but His strength to keep me going during life’s inevitable battles.

Friend, He is ready to do the same for you too!

“Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His presence continually!” 1 Chronicles 16:11 ESV

#hopefortheharddays #praypraypray

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