Free Verse Friday – FOCUS


Fixing my eyes.
Keeping them gazing on what I am looking at.
Keeping my heart hopeful towards what I am looking for.
Your Word reminds me You have hope and a future in store for me.
God? I can’t see it right now. Honest.
I know in my head You have these plans for me, ones with purpose and passion.
But in this space I currently live in? This being prepared without knowing where I will be launched?
I don’t yet get how all these pieces from my past and present are going to come together in a beautiful way in the future.
You have reminded me this week that my part is to keep my eyes fixed on Yours, my head full of Your promises, and that my emotions cannot override my faith without my permission.

My heart will follow where the rest of me is focusing, if I keep You first and foremost.

Realign my vision so I choose You first every day, every evening and every moment in between.
Help me to wrestle down the blues which can arrive with this waiting.
Remind me I am not alone when I feel like a fish without water, and struggle to take the next step forward.
Hold me close when how I am feeling leaks out upon Your loving shoulder.
Fuel me with Your strength as I follow You, wherever the road ahead will take me.
Focus, fixed, faith, following, future.
I leave the past behind, and move forward with You, confident that with You as my constant companion, I can now face whatever comes my way.
focus Mar 22

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