when my temperature rises… (Free Verse Friday)

God, I am feeling anxious again.

About work, finances, relationships, health.

Making it through the season, the month, this week, this day, and if I am being completely honest, even this moment.

As in how will I get it all done.

Worry likes to rock me around as it keeps me firmly on the spot. Not moving forward, stuck in an emotional rut.

You like to remind me that worry and anxiety are liars, for they do not show the full picture when we look through their lenses, only what they want us to see.

The bigger picture?

You are present, here with me. And always have been, and always will be.

If You are present, then I can talk to You at any time, in any place, about anything. Coz You already know about it, I can be candid, completely honest about things.

Your Word reassures me that I can bring my requests to You despite my anxiety.

And the act of doing so releases thanksgiving within me. (Philippians 4:6)

And in the next verse? You make it clear that Your peace, which defies earthly understanding and comprehension, will become a shield, a guard in Your hands about me, especially my mind. (Philippians 4:7)

So friend? Let’s be bold today and lay everything out before God in prayer. Not only will He give us peace, but He will infuse our spirits with His hope and energize our hearts with His love as we spend time in His Presence!! Xo


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