taking a closer look at social

“We are so quick to tweet, Facebook, and Instagram but we treat prayer with a sense of delay.” – Timothy Keller

You know those times when a word grabs your attention? Well, this one slapped me across the senses not so long ago, as it confirmed something I had sensed God had spoken to my heart last summer.

You see, at least 50% of my work was in the field of social media for several clients, which had me spending way more time than I ever imagined online, mainly social media. And I was finding it hard to unplug my brain and rest from the busyness of being on top of so many accounts.

What I realized is the more I plugged in on social media, even though I was being paid to do so, was causing part of me to whither and shrivel within. I needed to unplug online and plug in to God through prayer, reading the Word and spending time in worship. Not just as an afterthought, but intentionally.

This quote reminds me to not delay in coming to God in prayer, no matter what is going on, or what I am feeling.  Maybe you too can relate.

God is waiting for us to become more social with Him.

Where can you make some changes to make more space for intentional time with God today, this week, this month, this season?

For me, I needed to step away from doing social media for work, and see it more as a way to use my gifts yet not forget to connect with their Giver.

#hopefortheharddays #plugintoHisPresence

We are so quick to tweet, facebook, and instagram but we treat prayer with a sense of delay.

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