Unleashing a move

“Your echo, released from earth to Heaven – even your smallest, whispered prayer – can unleash a move of God.

For at the sound of your voice, the Father sends out a command from His throne.”

– Helen Calder

I have been reading a book lately that this quote could have been in, yet wasn’t.

I love it when God does that to help me pick up the clues on what it is He is wanting me to learn right now.

Like you, sometimes it takes a while to process a new lesson. And friend? It often can be uncomfortably awkward as I learn to stretch my faith, face my fears, loosen my grip on my failures and wait to be set free.

Despite all I am, somehow my voice matters to Him, as does yours. Even if all we speak is the whisper of “Help me.”

God is on the move, friend. And He is waiting to move on our behalf. He is waiting for His personal invitation.

Let’s begin to echo our prayers and His praise, as we seek for Heaven to move here on earth.


Let It Echo – Jesus Culture



The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.” James 5:16 MSG

Next week, as we get closer to Easter, I will be sharing a bit more about moves. Hope you will join me. 😀

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