reminder to keep using our 3 keys

Friend, some days, weeks, and let’s be real, seasons, can be hard and feel drawn out.It can be so easy to just sit down and let our situation or emotions dictate our behaviour. But it is our choice to either hide from it, whatever it is, or face it with faith.

Putting the three keys of gratitude, prayer and forgiveness into practice every day can go a long way towards helping our faith grow and develop into positive action, as we depend upon God to be our Hope, Provider and Deliverer.

This quote by Maya Angelou captures the importance of how we deal with moments, past, present and future.

HIHP socmed 3 keys quote

The key of gratitude helps us stay anchored in the present moment, actively inviting His Presence into our present, right now.

The key of prayer helps us to seek His direction for what is up ahead, inviting God to an honest and open two way conversation.

The key of forgiveness helps us to look back at our past, releasing all our hurts and sorrows into His hands to be set free and healed by the One who was there with us, and best knows how to make us whole again.

Friend, I get how hard it can be to remind ourselves to respond with faith instead of fear or hurt. So I made this quote into a screensaver for my phone, to keep these keys front and center on my mind… and to train myself to focus on Him first at all times.

You too might need such a reminder. Visit my freebie page and download this quote as a screen saver for your phone:

And may God meet us in each and every moment we seek Him, whether we are seeking His healing from our past, guidance for our future, or His presence in our present.


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