when holiness and wholeness are lacking


In the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve lived in a wholeness both within themselves and with God.⠀

In fact, holiness was present, and it was very good.⠀

Until Eve was deceived, ate the off limits fruit, and passed it on to Adam who joined her in disobeying God.⠀

This act torn the holiness, the wholeness, out of Adam & Eve as it introduced sin and broken relationship into Eden, and when they were sent out, into the world.⠀

Humanity has been seeking restoration ever since.⠀

But we, on our own as humans, may not have caused this rift, this fall but we inherited its outcome.⠀

Division within, and in relationship.⠀

God rescued, redeemed & restored those who chose to follow Him for generations between Genesis, and the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi.⠀

Until something I never expected happened as we entered into Matthew, the New Testament.⠀

God changed His story from one of speaking through prophets and priests, to speaking through angels. ⠀

And then to people directly with the birth of Jesus.⠀

It took nothing short of the miraculous to address the rift between people and God, to wash away our sin once and for all.⠀

Tomorrow, I will share just what Jesus did to make us holy again, and to show us how much He wants a relationship with us again.⠀


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