walking out new freedom

This week, an old battle started up again in my body, yet I didn’t catch on right away.

My back had been sore for a week (which isn’t uncommon for me) so I booked a massage Monday afternoon to loosen up the tight muscles.

And towards the end of the massage, it became obvious to my massage therapist and myself that one part of my back was unusually tender and tight. But usually by the second day after the massage, things start to relax and loosen, so I didn’t think anything much of it.

In the wee hours Wednesday morning, I realized that I might have just passed a kidney stone again, for the first time in 13 years.

But the pressure didn’t let up, until yesterday afternoon when I passed a second stone while at work.

Yes, you read that right. I went to work while feeling that way.

For two reasons. One, my immediate boss has kidney issues, and if I needed to leave, I could have if the pain or discomfort got too much for me. Secondly, because I gave the situation to God and asked Him to set me free of this stone.

2:30 pm yesterday, He answered that prayer when the second stone passed. Not only did He help me to be able to keep getting things done, He tempered the pain so it was mainly just uncomfortable.

My back pain has continued to loosen up since then, and I got a good night sleep where I awoke feeling rested.

My point? I could have allowed the fear of the potential pain to overwhelm me ( coz it is giving birth to little crystal babies) or grown angry at God over why this is happening again.

I chose instead to trust Him to get me through.

That for me is proof I am freer than I was 13 years ago, when I freaked out from the fear and allowed anxiety to take the emotional lead while dealing with the first battle with kidney stones.

Friend, following Him doesn’t mean uncomfortable, painful situations won’t happen to you. It does mean He is as close as the air you breathe, with you through it all, and able to guide you step by step as you trust Him.

#freedomawaits #hopefortheharddays

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