My walls are coming down

I’m surrendering my will, You are crumbling all the walls I’ve built. My defence is coming down, down.
I can’t deny You. I am broken open wide, now You can come inside. My defences have come down, down.” @coreyvoss

We build walls for many reasons, friend. As a response to trauma, to protect ourselves from future hurts, to keep ourselves safe.

The problem with walls? Not only do they keep others out, they keep us walled up inside. Alone.

And alone is not the healthiest place to be, especially if you walled yourself up with your unresolved trauma.

The good news? When we ask God to help us take down our walls, He does. He will reveal the situation where the first brick of the wall was laid, and any lies you have believed & agreed with which you have stacked brick by brick in the wall.

But the mortar which holds those bricks together is a separate issue… and it involves our will.

For until we recognize and admit that we built those walls ourselves, God cannot help us bring them down.

Our will needs to surrender itself to His in order for freedom to be released.

And all it takes for His Presence to break through and reach us within those walls is one crack in the mortar, which kickstarts the breaking down process.

One prayer acknowledging our need for His intervention.

  • A heart willing to follow where He leads.
  • A mind willing to face painful memories as He walks you through them.
  • A will laying itself down so His will for us can be released.
  • A spirit willing to be set free, so it can soar again.

So today, if you feel stuck behind walls of your making? Call out to Him, and place yourself at His feet. Ask Him to set you free, and follow His lead as He points out what to do next.

The walls will come down in Jesus’ name.

Yet for those of you who have lived within those walls so long, the very thought of them coming down leaves you scared that you may become defenseless? He will not leave you defenseless, friend. He will become your Shield, Defender and Protector. He will battle for you, as you allow Him to do so in your life.

For with Him, friend? The battle is won, for He is the ultimate Victor!

#freedomawaits #hopefortheharddays

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