fresh Hope for burn out

This morning, on the way to a doctor’s appointment with my daughter, I hit mental burn out. Head on. Balancing too many things at one time, especially when feeling under the weather has been a roller coaster ride unlike any other.

Instead of wallowing in my low emotions, this time I acknowledged them, and asked God for clarification, and fresh hope.

He reminded me of the movie Captain Marvel, and how when she finally understood the truth living within her, she was able to soar & use her gifts in amazing ways.

I can do the same with His empowering!

It is time for me to stop hiding how I feel and the calls which He is birthing inside me. Now is the moment to step into the fresh hope He gifted me with again.

So today, I am claiming the verse below as His promise to me. That although I feel poorly, He will keep me upright. He will rekindle me with the energy of fresh hope in His Presence, always lifting me up again as He shines His face upon me.

“God puts poor people on their feet again; He rekindles burned-out lives with FRESH HOPE, restoring dignity and respect to their lives— a place in the sun!” I Samuel 2:7

#unshakeableHope #hopefortheharddays

fresh hope

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