Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who modelled a daily quiet time and journalling for me, and would do anything for me out of her great love for me.

Happy Mother’s Day to Pirjo, the mom who adopted me when I was a new scared mother, who modelled dependence upon God for all things, and battled fiercely for me and my family in prayer. I know you are dancing & praising up a storm from heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day to the ones who chose to be a mother to an orphan, whether literally or figuratively. You changed a life by pouring your love into a child who needed it, and show His immense love for all when you do so.

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who have lost your mothers, and those of you who have lost children. May the One who gave your mother and your child to you draw close to you and comfort you as you grieve and mourn, especially today.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are not yet mothers. God knows the desires of your heart, and I pray He meets you there.

Thank you to my children for making me such a proud mother. I love being your mom, and love being loved by you.

May God shine His face on all you moms out there and pour out all the grace you need upon you, every day. But especially today!


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