One of the awesome aspects to learning to clothe myself with God’s presence involves, well, God!

When we clothe ourselves with His Presence, we actually become clothed in holiness! Once we become His, the blood of Jesus covers our sin, and makes us holy in God’s sight! (Romans 12:1, Titus 2:11-12, 1 Timothy 2:10)

Yet as if being seen as clothed in holiness weren’t amazingly enough, God gives us the ability to be clothed in even more of His characteristics….

Adorn yourself with majesty and dignity, clothe yourself with glory and splendor.

Job 10:40

Yup, we all read that right!! God enables us to be clothed in:

  • majesty
  • dignity
  • glory
  • splendor

I find it interesting that two out of these four characteristics have to do with His beauty (glory and splendor) and the other two have to do with His inner qualities (majesty and dignity). Together, they paint quite the outfit God has given us to wear!!! One that shines His light though us and changes our character as He does.

This verse also reminds me that I need to spend time in His Word, and His Presence in order to see these characteristics in Him, so I can ask Him to change me to be able to wear them every day, and become more like Him as I do.

#whatareyouwearing #hopefortheharddays

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