He leaves the 99

HE LEAVES THE 99. True story.

I really struggled as a teenager to grasp the concept that God loved me. I didn’t feel worth knowing, and was content to stay in the shadows of obscurity, hiding away nurturing my hurts.

I have shared before how a trio of brothers felt led to each share an aspect of how God would meet with me – through the Word, through music, through relationship.

It wasn’t until Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see just how much crap and pain I had been holding on to, and how much Jesus and the Father loved me that I understood just how far God would go to find me.

Me. Just the way I was. Even when I couldn’t see just how lost I was, He would not stop pursuing me.

That’s the kind of love God has for each and every one of us, friend. A love so purposeful and freeing, when you encounter it, you are changed for the better!

This week, I share a bit each day about the heart of my Father.

#heartoftheFather #hopefortheharddays

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7 thoughts on “He leaves the 99”

  1. God’s love is amazing! But I’ve often struggled with this story. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I’ve always been the rule-following good girl. AT times I’ve identified with the 99 more than the 1. I’m learning to find God in all the places.

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    1. I can relate, Rebecca! What I have come to realize is He loves us all equally, regardless of how far we stray or run! Blessings as you seek Him!!!


  2. God’s love is amazing! Sometimes, as the rule following girl that I am, I’ve struggled with this story because I’ve identified with the 99. Trusting God to show me His love and grace in all the stories.

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