He leaves the 99

HE LEAVES THE 99. True story.

I really struggled as a teenager to grasp the concept that God loved me. I didn’t feel worth knowing, and was content to stay in the shadows of obscurity, hiding away nurturing my hurts.

I have shared before how a trio of brothers felt led to each share an aspect of how God would meet with me – through the Word, through music, through relationship.

It wasn’t until Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see just how much crap and pain I had been holding on to, and how much Jesus and the Father loved me that I understood just how far God would go to find me.

Me. Just the way I was. Even when I couldn’t see just how lost I was, He would not stop pursuing me.

That’s the kind of love God has for each and every one of us, friend. A love so purposeful and freeing, when you encounter it, you are changed for the better!

This week, I share a bit each day about the heart of my Father.

#heartoftheFather #hopefortheharddays

image via unsplash

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