When things don’t go as expected

Yesterday, I headed with my daughter by train into Toronto to celebrate her graduation from university. We met up with her best friend, and enjoyed the time we spent together before and after convocation.

Her friend left for another appointment after our relaxing lunch and coffee time. When she did, I felt prompted that we needed to change our plans and immediately head back home.

However, the plan to visit a few stores we don’t have near us had been the original plan, so we headed to the campus bookstore, then the Eaton Centre. The prompting didn’t go away, so I grew increasingly “on edge” as we shopped.

Around 3ish, we were caught off guard when a swarm of running people passed us trying to exit the mall. Then the stores began to close their doors. I immediately knew that there had been a stabbing or shooting, and we needed to leave as soon as possible.

Which became quite the journey as we were rerouted from the subway (which they closed) and the three most common streets we usually walk on to get back to Union Station to catch our train home.

We no sooner made it across to walk on the pathway beside Dundas Square, then a second crowd headed our way, frantically running again.

I made sure my daughter was okay, then asked her to use her GPS (as I prayed) to guide us out of the city, as she was familiar with the vicinity after 5 years of attending classes there.

After an exhausting roundabout route walk (over three times the time it would usually take) to get to Union, we finally caught our train.

Now I had been wearing high heeled Sketcher wedges (with a dress coz it was grad day!) and my daughter has a very sore back, so I am exceptionally thankful that God gave us both the energy and strength to keep putting one sore foot after the other as we walked.

Lovely, there are three lessons I feel that God shared me with today, rooted in Psalm 46.

1. God is our refuge and strength. Period.

2. In every situation in which we look to Him, He will equip us with all the energy and strength we need to make it through whatever the challenge is up ahead.

3. God always shines brighter when darkness tries to hide us in its swirls of distraction and lies. He will shine His light on the path you are to take. Look to Him at all times, in every circumstance, always. He is waiting for us to come, and to meet with Him.

May God meet you exactly where you need Him most, friend. Even if it is to keep you at rest in a very stressful situation.

PS. I am so thankful for His timing. Two months ago, I learn about serious incidents and how we are to handle them while at my workplace in a mall. God brought that lesson to my mind exactly when I needed it!

PPS. And next time? I follow His prompting, even when I don’t get it!! 🙂


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