becoming fear-less

“Today we live, today we breathe. Today we know that we are strong when we are weak. Today we trust, we overcome – take every chain that kept us slaves and throw em’ off. We’re not waiting for permission, we defy our inhibition – like our middle name is “fearless,” unafraid.”

Excerpt from “Lions” by Skillet

When a song comes on that takes me days to digest, I have learned to slow down and ask God what it is He is wanting to teach me and/or say to me through the lyrics.

After finding ourselves in the middle of the scramble out of the Dundas area of Toronto yesterday, I realized something this morning.

Former Karla would have been quaking in her boots, rooted to the spot with panic, ready to hide away until the all clear was sounded.

The Karla who showed up on Monday was not reacting out of fear, but out of faith. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t scared and startled for a few moments, but I was not traumatized or unable to sleep afterwards. I was able to keep my cool, trust God to help us safely out of the area, and help a few people we encountered find their new routes home as well.

I refused to let the enemy cause fear to build within me again. Not after I have now moved Holy Spirit into the space where fear used to reside. I can now respond on the hard days with a fearless inhibition, without apology, for I know that God is with me, for me, and clearing my path ahead. My soul remains at rest, for I know I am safe in His hands, at all times.

Tomorrow, I share the next part of the song which speaks so powerfully to me about who I can be when I entrust my weaknesses to His strength.


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