walking as a lion(ess)

A few years ago, I led a study called “Lioness Arising” by @lisabevere which forever changed how I see myself in His eyes.

All of us have the capability of seeing our weaknesses become strengths beyond our imagination when we invite God to empower us.

The key is to take Him at His Word, and trust Him to make it come to life within you.

Just as a lion cub needs to follow its parents to learn the skills they need, so too do I need to follow Holy Spirit’s direction to learn how to live my life at its fullest for His glory.

Especially when the enemy tries again and again to drag me into his battle against God.

We already know who ultimately wins the battle, the Lion of Judah, and I want to do all I can as a lioness in His pack (aka the Body) to serve, protect and care as He desires me to.

Are you too ready to boldly fly, walk, or stand as He equips us, without any fear but a holy respectful awe and wonder at just how amazing and worthy God is to be worship, praised and glorified?

I have found that even on the hardest of days, His equipping makes all the difference between staying weak or finishing strong.

“If we’re gonna fly, we fly like eagles arms out wide. If we’re gonna fear, we fear no evil; we will rise. By Your power, we will go; by Your spirit, we are bold. If we’re gonna stand, we stand as giants; if we’re gonna walk, we walk as lions. We walk as lions.” Chorus of “Lions” by @skilletmusic


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