taking it to the limit one more time…

This is me hitting my stress limit last night, friend. (And yes, I know I more than a little look like a deer caught in the headlights!)

Too many family doctor’s appointments, leaking walls in the basement, not enough sleep due to muggy weather at night, and then feeling the weight of others’ frustrations this week all combined to bring me to my knees again tonight, desperate for God to intervene.

Some people say that when we admit our weaknesses, we give the enemy a greater target to aim for. I don’t believe that is true when we put our weaknesses, stressors and circumstances into His hands.

For He is more than capable enough of not only coming to my rescue, but releasing the victory in this daily battle filled season.

He is giving me a new song to sing, despite my tears. He is giving me a confidence in Him, as I admit my fears.

So I am going to keep proclaiming God is greater, and increase my expectation that He is gonna move mightily in each and every hard situation I am facing. Even when I can’t see it yet, I am choosing to walk, breathe, and live by faith. For He has never failed to be true to His promises!

If you too need to proclaim God above your circumstances, take these lyrics to heart. Better yet, look up the song and shout it from the rooftops, friend.

Worship Him until you see your breakthrough, which is what I plan to do!!

“Today is ours, it’s always been. Before we face the fight, we know Who’s gonna win. We live by faith and not by sight, we don’t want safe and quiet, we don’t wanna run and hide.

This is not an intermission. It’s our time, not gonna miss it. You’ve already called us fearless, unafraid…

Oh, everywhere we go, the battle has been won. We know You’ve gone before us. So, we take it hard in faith with every step we take – we know we’ll rise victorious!”

Excerpt, “Lions” by @skilletmusic


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