Canada Day 2019, eh!

Every Canada Day gives me an opportunity to look back afresh at the things I am thankful for about the country I am blessed to live in.

  • The ability to freely go to church without hiding
  • Its amazing natural beauty from coast to coast
  • The ability to vote
  • The blessing of government health care being included in my taxes
  • The great public transit in my part of Canada
  • A rich history of faith in God
  • Home of many of my favorite animals: moose, deer, foxes, beavers, geese
  • Many of my favorite foods: maple, wildflower honey, bacon, fries, poutine, fresh local produce and meats
  • My many family members
  • My many friends and coworkers

What would you add to your “thankful to live in my country” list?

#CanadaDay #2019 #thankfuleh

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