experiencing joy through sound – do you hear what i hear?

There are several sounds which bring joy to my soul, besides bible verses and songs of faith.

  • Bird song.
  • Chipmunk and squirrel chatter.
  • Cat purrs and meows.
  • A babbling brook, running river.
  • Waves crashing against the coast.
  • Wind blowing through a forest.
  • Rain gently tinkling down my window pane.
  • The sound of a steam from a kettle or espresso maker.
  • Instruments singing as only they can.
  • Hearing a loved one’s laughter, or calling me by name.
  • My phone texting me good news.
  • The sound of silence which only comes at the end of a raging storm.

What sounds cause joy within you?

experiencingjoy #howjoysounds #hopefortheharddays

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