experiencing Joy through my taste buds

These are the tastes which gratefully cause me to thank God for the gift He has given me of taste buds.

  • a perfectly brewed cup of coffee
  • better yet, a flavor balanced latte
  • a fresh cup of peppermint tea when feeling queasy or bloated
  • a pineapple coconut vanilla smoothie
  • anything maple flavored
  • peppermint mints
  • marshmallows and marshmallow flavored jelly beans
  • sour cream and onion dip
  • plain potato chips
  • a beautifully cooked burger
  • freshly fried french fries with mayonnaise
  • a crisp apple
  • cherry jam or crumble
  • freshly picked blueberries
  • coconut whipped cream
  • mint chocolate chip or mocha coconut ice cream

#experiencingjoy #tasteHisgoodness #hopefortheharddays

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