experiencing Joy – touches which make me joy-full

There are many types of touch which cause me to be full of Joy and thankfulness as I experience them:

  • water – whether swimming in, feet dangling in or boating on it
  • a cold glass of water, root beer or coconut Le Croix
  • sand under my bare toes
  • my cats’ fur as I pet them (and many doggie friends too!)
  • cool air on overheated skin (thank You for fresh breezes and air conditioning)
  • the constant support of my glasses
  • my maple lip balm
  • the feel of my favorite jeans
  • the comfort of my birks and sneakers
  • soft cotton t-shirts, sheets and pillow cases
  • my two dangle bracelets (one silver, one rope)
  • my kids hugs (and from family & friends)
  • my hubby’s touch, but especially just sitting close watching a movie, holding hands when out and about, and his kiss)

What (appropriate for a family friendly feed) touches make you joyful and appreciate them as a gift from the Giver?

#experiencingJoy #touch #HisPresence #hopefortheharddays

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