A prayer for when I need to be restored by the Restorer

The embers within are slowly losing their warmth, God. Too much for too long without soaking myself with Your songs has drained my cup almost dry.

RESTORE me, Abba.

May who I am in and to You be written permanently upon my mind and heart

Let Your love surround me, overwhelm me again with Your gentle touch, Your loving kindness.

RESTORE me, Jesus.

Take the dark places within to the cross, bury them there, and awaken the colour and vibrant life You desire for me in their place.

Let Your grace abound again, into the nooks and crannies of my life.

RESTORE me, Spirit.

Blow within me until the low tide rises again, filling me up with Your Presence as You guide me through the stormy gales and windless waits.

Let Your wisdom seep in and be my indwelling firm foundation.

RESTORE me, God, as only You can do.

Take this weary but willing child, and bring me back to fullness in every way where I am desperately awaiting Your touch. Your Word is full of wondrous ways You have restored so many. I trust that You can and will do so again, in me.


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