prayer to be renewed – Free Verse Friday

I find myself waiting beside the waters for You, Lord.

Despite not knowing what will be on the other side, I take Your hand. For I know Who goes into the fire and through the waters with me. I choose to say no to fear, and yes to responding with faith.

🌱Lead me into the cleansing waters, God. Wash away the  filth, the fears, the failures.

🌱Fill my heart with hope, peace and a fresh spark of faith.

🌱Renew me as only the One who designed and shaped me can do.

🌱Filter me until I am more pure than silver, more precious than gold. Until all that remains is what You would have me be.

🌱Reassure me with Your Presence.

🌱Remind me of Your constant love.

🌱Renew every part of this willing vessel as I wait here for You.

#renewaliscoming #heartcry #hopefortheharddays

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