❤️My Top Ten Steps on How to Rediscover You❤️

1. Block time to be by yourself, even if only 10-15 minutes in a stretch, once a week (daily if you can do so!).

2. Take note! Grab a notebook, open a new document on your laptop, or a new note on your phone. Name it “Rediscovering Me.”
(but you can insert your name in lieu of “me”!)

3. Write one thing you absolutely know about yourself. Are you musical? Studious? Caring? Fashionable? Always on time?  Whatever the first characteristic which comes to mind, write it down.

4. Now, write down something you used to do, but no longer do...which you miss now that you are thinking about it again.

5. Write down why you think you stopped doing that activity, whether it was busyness, finances, season of life…

6. Ask God if this is a characteristic or skill He would like you to be using/developing in. If He prompts yes, jot down any ideas which come to mind to get you goal setting and into action.

7. If you sense God is not prompting you to pursue developing in that way, ask Him where He would like you to grow, learn or develop.

8. For each skill or characteristic, look up any related Bible verse which you can memorize to help remind you in your growth/development in that area.

9. Unsure of your spiritual gifts? Your learning style? Find a free assessment online, and get to know something old yet new about yourself as you do!

10. Pray, and ask God to remind you who He has designed you to be, and whatever you need to be focusing on today (ie. child of God, overcomer…) Highlight any verses, and write them out to help you learn them. 

Repeat these steps regularly to rediscover yourself in seasons when you feel off track or a little directionless. If all you can do is one step per day? Well worth it as you get to know yourself anew!!

#rediscoveryou #hopefortheharddays

4 thoughts on “❤️My Top Ten Steps on How to Rediscover You❤️”

  1. Thank you for the 10 wonderful ideas! You have described a very interesting process. I must think about something I used to do that I no longer do. Maybe yoga. I love step #6! 🙂


    1. Thanks Laurie! It took me quite a while to realize that comparison was the thing I used to do that I no longer do. My mind set has changed, which I am so grateful to Him for as I learn more about myself with His help! Thanks for stopping by!


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