Peaceful pausing along the way

I didn’t just survive my day yesterday. I was able to maintain the kind of pause feeling like I get when I stop just to be in a garden, a forest, or by running water. The kind of peaceful pause I can only maintain because I carry Your Presence with me.

Its been kind of ironic that I was able to do so while I am still recovering from a bout with strep. My energy level is not at its usual “Energizer bunny” state, and there are several upcoming appointments and decisions weighing heavy on my heart right now.

For I had plenty of opportunity to feel blue, down and defeated today, had I not set my heart hard after You this morning right after waking.

Which is why I seek His Word in the morning. Let it steep as I seek Him throughout my day, pausing to worship. And at day’s end, I look back to see how He met my every need, calmed my qualms, settled my nerves, kicks out my fears with His oceanic love, keeps my heart tuned into His and so much more.

This weekend, I am allowing His love to lead me deeper into His presence. Join me?!


Let His love flow over you, friend.

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