Leaning into the way of Love

On the worst of days, You keep quietly reassuring me of Your constant Presence. ⠀

❤️Your grace infuses me with enough strength to keep carrying on.  ⠀

💙Your peace gives me just enough of a glimpse of hope, it causes my faith to dig a little deeper than I ever imagined it could.⠀

❤Your love wraps its comforting arms about me, gently helping me to lean back against You.⠀

Knowing I am not alone, loved deeply, and constantly on Your mind? Helps me to let go and just let You hold me.⠀

Because on the hardest of days? All I, and really, any of us really really want?⠀

✔To be heard.⠀
✔To be held.⠀
✔To be loved.⠀

May we all come to know the everlasting, forever loving Comforter and lean back into His Rock solid embrace.⠀

#thewayofLove #hopefortheharddays #letgo

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