GIFT – #31days2019


  1. A thing willingly given to someone without payment, a present.
  2. A natural ability or talent.

Which one of us doesn’t like to receive a thoughtful gift which suits us? I can’t think of a person I know who would refuse to accept a gift intended for them.

So why do I often hold back from offering all my gifts to God as a offering?

Maybe you too can relate, friend.

I often think my gifts to Him need to be bigger, better and brighter than the ones I actually have. Singing, writing, encouragement, hospitality, shepherding, administration don’t mean as much as evangelism, prayer, pastor, teacher, apostle, right?

It struck me the other day that comparison is one of the biggest deterrents for us in our relationship with God.

When we compare what we have to bring, which may be 5 small coins, and compare it to a fat embellished cheque?

We lose sight of the most important part of the offering.

WE ourselves are the GIFT.

God longs not for what we can do and offer Him of our service, but for our presence.

WE are the present He especially delights in receiving.

So bring what you are as your gift next time you draw close to Him, friend. ALL of you is the gift He can’t wait to unwrap and take pride in!

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