PROBLEM – #31days2019

{PROBLEM} My favorite shoes are giving me a problem I wasn’t expecting.

I just broke my third pair of shoelaces in two weeks while wearing them this morning. At 6:15am, this became a problem I didn’t want to be dealing with so early in my day.

And then, the aha moment light bulb went off in my head and I knew exactly how to fix this problem.

I grabbed an old pair of running shoes I have not worn for a long while (as my insoles don’t fit them), removed their navy laces, and while waiting at the bus stop, laced up my favorite shoes.

Problem fixed, by 6:25am.

Lesson learned, priceless.

Problems are only opportunities to meet an unexpected need.

Here’s to less stress when faced with future problems, and increased creativity on how to handle them!

#fiveminute #freewrite #31days2019

My updated problem fixed now shoes!

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