LISTEN – #31days2019


When the world seems extra noisy, and I am surrounded by sound, I catch myself feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed.

Unnecessary because it is avoidable, as I tell myself.

Not the noise per se, but my “tuned in” ness to it.

“Listen up, girl,” I say to myself.

Because You remind each one of us by our design that to listen is of great value to You…. for You gave us two ears.

Help me to fix my ears to the sound of Your voice, that still small whisper of loving care that I thrill to hear speak, as my spirit jumps for joy when I listen to You.

And as Your voice will never stop speaking Your words of love, comfort, direction, peace, mercy and grace, there will never be a moment where it will not be worth it for me to listen up!

#freewrite #freeverse #31days2019

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