GATHER – #31days2019


I learned as a child that gathering met a deep need with me.

Whether over a coffee sharing deep thoughts, heartily laughing with my family and friends, being a part of collective raising praise and worship at church, learning new skills together – I know unequivocally that I need to gather on a regular basis.

Because I know that I am better together with others. One on her own can easily be overwhelmed, but as a part of a group, she can find support, courage and know she is not alone.

When two or three are gathered together in His Name, God releases more of Himself to each of us. More direction, more wisdom, more unity, more letting go of our differences and strengthening of our faith.

So I gather daily.

  • With God, connecting deep in my spirit with My Creator and the Lover of my soul.
  • With my husband, kids, family. Connecting relationally with the ones He has blessed me with.
  • With my coworkers and teammates. Pulling together for common purpose and achievement of goals.
  • With my sisters, my tribe. Connecting as we support one another to become all God designed us to be.
  • With my church. Gathering together to lift His Name higher.

I gather with any woman wanting real change in her life, because through Him, release freedom and healing to the broken is possible, Hope is available to the hopeless, and family is formed for the lonely.

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