DEEP – #31days2019

Deep calls to DEEP.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of Your waterfalls; all Your waves & breakers have swept over me.

Psalm 42:7

From DEEP within
the yearning
for more of You
is ready to burst forth
the closer I come
to Your Presence.

Like a moth to the Flame
or a bee sensing Honey,
i cannot help myself,
nor do I want to.

I so long for You,
deep calls to Deep

My soul cries out
every bit of
& pleasure
in Your Presence,
from the depths
to meet You
on the shore of
You have
waiting up ahead.

deep calls to Deep

I thirst for You
beyond reason
beyond the physical
not satisfied
with any other food or drink
but You

Deep calls to deep
in response
as You ravish
my heart
with Your love,
deeply soaking it in
layer by layer
until the secret place
is drenched by Your Presence

the longing I have for You
is only surpassed
by Your longing for me
as Deep calls to deep

and so I come, Lord

#fiveminute #freewrites #31days2019 #hopefortheharddays

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