REACH- #31days2019


How I long for You in the deepest hidden places within today, Abba.

And so, with all that is in me, I reach out to You.
With my heart, broken as it is.
With my mind, battered as it is.
With my body, bruised as it is.
With my emotions, bumpy as they are,
With my spirit, battle weary as it is.

And then, as if for the very first time, You again reach out to me.
Into my heart, filling it with Your Love.
Into my mind, filling it with Your Words.
Into my body, filling it with peace.
Into my emotions, filling them with rest.
Into my spirit, filling me with Your Presence.

I reach for You to find, over and over again, that You are already continuously reaching out for and to me.

For there is nowhere, no how, no way that You will ever stop reaching for Your precious children.

May this truth reach all our hearts afresh today.

#freewrites #fiveminute #fiveminutefriday #31days2019

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