VOICE – #31days2019


For me, it has taken decades to discover my voice.

My true voice.

Not the one that speaks out of fear, pain or frustration. The one which speaks out of faith, love, and intention.

The voice which listens twice as much as it speaks, and who constantly keeps an ear open for Holy Spirit’s quiet voice.

The one who makes no apologies for seeing the glass as half full. Which looks to Hope in the darkest of seasons. Who unashamedly clings to His Love in the hardest of days. The gal who pours out her praise and tears as an offering to the One who never stops pursuing my heart and yours.

The one who realized that my voice is to never stop sharing Your heart for the hurting, the lonely and the broken, extending freedom to the captives, and offering Hope to the hopeless.

My voice is meant to echo Your Voice in this world. So may I never stop listening and herding Your voice, Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

#fiveminute #freewrites #FMF #31days2019

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