OPEN – #31days2019


There is a bag I carry whose contents do not usually see the light of day. I hold it tight to myself, for it is a part of my story I am rarely open to talk about.

And You remind me that in Your timing, I am free to open up and let those contents out into the light of Your presence.

For You long for me to open up and let You further in, so more of You will have free reign over more and more of me as I do.

Because this package is not yet ready to be opened, help me be ready to say, “Yes” to You when You ask me to open up the contents.

I am willing to be open as You lead, knowing that You want the best for me at all times. Knowing You will be with me as I open up and exchange this package to make more room for Heaven in its place.

#fiveminute #freewrites #31days2019 #hopefortheharddays

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