TELL – #31days2019


There is a story which began long ago in the heart of Three who love us so
They planned then created,
formed all and then waited.

Eve was deceived, Adam not pleased, but as a team they hid and believed
the lie the enemy spoke
from which we need to be awoke

The Bible tells us of God’s great love for us
Not this world’s quick dine dash kind of lust
But a Love that lays it all on the line
And headed to death although Divine
To make right the wrong
Our actions do reap
For we are not able to do so
With a price tag too steep.
His death on the cross paid it all
So you and I can avoid the pitfall
Of heading to the void after death

Instead greeted in Heaven we will be met
By strong arms that love us so
Nail pierced hands were His goal
Jesus saves, the Bible tells
Each time I read it my heart swells
To know a love that gave without holding back
To return you and I to a healthy track
Which leads to Hope, forgiveness and Love
Given once for all
From God above

#freewrite ##31days2019

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