{SENSE} – 31days2019

There are days that are harder than others to make sense out of, right?

Days when you sleep in and end up missing out on your morning coffee.

Days when the trees start showing their brilliant fall attire, but end up showering the ground with leaves.

Days when life doesn’t seem to make sense like usual… when a loved one passes, friends separate, there’s a loss of job or health, a rise of anxiety and depression.

On those days, the only thing that makes sense is knowing I am not alone.

  • I can read about You in Your Word.
  • I can hear about You in song.
  • I can see Your handiwork in the faces and places around me.
  • I can sense Your Presence drawing close to me.

Even when nothing else makes sense, knowing You are here with me is all the sense I need to hold onto for the day.

Because I have never failed to sense Your strong arms holding me fast in the sudden storms, not fail to sense how much You love to spend time with me.

Even on those days when I am not as pleasant for missing my morning coffee!

#freewrite #fiveminutefriday #31days2019


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